Welcome to Cook Wise Consulting!

I’ve been cooking for as long as I can remember, from the age of 7 pulling a chair up next to the stove to help my Mom, to the daily cooking I do for my family.

When I started culinary school at Saint Paul College in 2005, our class had a discussion on what they wanted to do with their professional training. The culture of food was on the forefront of exploding in popularity, and our class knew that we were entering in to a much-loved and idolized profession. We knew it required extremely hard work, with long hours on our feet. Being that I started culinary school at the age of 40, I knew a career in a professional kitchen was not for me. In my heart, I wanted to be able to teach people to cook so that they could care for themselves, and their families, providing nourishment for good health and well-being.


Well, fast-forward 10 years. I’ve dreamt and dabbled in the idea of using my skills and abilities to teach others to cook, working through jobs that provided a paycheck, but no true sense of fulfillment. After leaving a position that bored me to tears, the time seemed right to finally break out and explore the ideas I’d poured down on paper.

Cook Wise Consulting was created as a means to bring the joy of cooking, and of eating, to everyone’s kitchen. Whenever I think of bringing the skill of cooking to others, I feel a huge sense of excitement and anticipation. I’m thrilled to begin the journey of helping others become more confident and capable in their kitchens, and give them the ability to explore the amazing world of food.